22 February 2024

Publishing Policies and Ethics

The policy of Al-Daleel Journal in its ethics of publishing is in accordance with COPE guidelines, to preserve all the ethical standards of publication and to ensure scientific integrity in its studies.

These standards are:

1. The journal relies on objective and composed dialogue, based on sound scientific foundations, and invites towards it. Topics that elude to any kind of sectarian or nationalistic discourse will not be published, or rather anything that offends an individual, an institute, or a group of people.

2. The authors’ personal information remains confidential and protected by the Journal’s editor-in-chief and managing editor.

3. The author is responsible for the scientific titles added to their name and written in the journal.

4. It is compulsory to acknowledge any individual who had a role in the paper, but did not meet the requirements of authorship.

5. The thoughts and ideas that are published in the journal are represented by the author, and not necessarily represented by the journal.

6. The papers that are sent to the journal must not have been previously published, and it is not allowed to send the same paper to numerous journals.

7. It is necessary for the author to avoid any form of plagiarism, and to be responsible in mentioning the references and having scientific integrity.

8. The papers submitted for publishing in the journal are peer reviewed by experts in the field, to meet the requirements of publication adopted by the journal, and whether the paper is suitable for publishing. The author is informed of the paper being accepted, rejected, or in need of editing in accordance to the suggestions of the reviewers.

9. The journal does not necessarily share the results of publishing to the author/s, whether accepting for publishing or not. The journal also is not obliged to explain the reasons for rejecting a submitted paper.

10. The sequence of the papers in the journal are subject to technical considerations, and it has no nothing to do with the status of the author or quality of the paper.

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