25 June 2024

Authors Guidelines

The guidelines for writing a scientific paper in Al-Daleel Journal, from Al-Daleel Institute for Theological Studies and Research are as follows:

1. The title of the paper, the author’s name, with their position and degree in the footnote.

2. An abstract, which explains the subject matter or the primary question, and then explaining the scientific methods the researcher uses in solving the problem and answering the primary question. Finally, the results that the researcher acquired. No titles should be mentioned, and the abstract should be no more than two hundred words, in both Arabic and English.

3. Keywords: Five primary words used in the paper must be chosen as keywords, useful for internet searches gaining access to the article.

4. The introduction: This should be one page or less, explaining the evolution of the research, without any titles.

5. Definitions: Prior to entering into the main issue at hand, some conceptual principles should be mentioned, and this is done by explaining the concepts directly related to the title, or indirectly related but that are necessary to be briefly mentioned. Also, it is important to mention previous studies on the topic and important theories related to it. This should not be more than one or two pages.

6. The main body: This includes all the information from the sources and primary references, organized in a logical and scientific method, scientifically supporting each piece of information. The references should be mentioned within the text in the following way: {the author’s surname, the name of the book, the volume, the page]. After this, the information should be analysed, researched, argued, evaluated, and then present the final opinion. 

Note: It is possible to add an additional footnote when necessary by placing a star (*) in the text, and then adding a star at the bottom of the text and writing a footnote.

7. Mentioning the results and conclusion: In an academic study, the researcher’s most important results and solutions are explained in the paper. It is also necessary for the researcher to give their opinion about what is correct, through explaining and arguing their points and describing and suggesting what would further improve the research in this field.

8. Mentioning the references and bibliography: A list of references and bibliography should be arranged at the end of the paper, according to the name of the author, and alphabetically, in the following way:

A. Books: 

1. The author’s name, with the surname first, then the first name. 2. The name of the book. 3. The place of publication. 4. The publisher. 5. The edition. 6. Year of publication. B. Journals.1. The author’s name. 2. Title of the article, between brackets. 3. Name of the journal. 4. The organization issuing the journal. 5. Place of publication. 6. Edition number. 7. Date of edition.

C. Theses: 

1. The author’s name. 2. The title of the thesis. 3. Name of university or institute. 4. Place of publication. 5. The edition. 6. Year of publication.

D. Internet sites:

The sites must be recognised and reputable, like government sites, university sites, recognised academic institutes; mentioning the complete link. 

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